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iDogCam Access Guide

Explore the iDogCam system tailored for your pet care business.

iDogCam ACCESS Guide

This document is your guide to using the iDogCam password management tool, iDogCam ACCESS.

Camera Assignments

iDogCam ACCESS has two types of camera assignments:

  • Private Camera - A camera that will have a single assigned password for access. It must be set with an expiration date that can coincide when the customer’s pet will be checking out.
  • Group / Play Area Camera – All Group / Play Area Cameras that have been designated as one of three are viewable with a single password that will not expire. All of these cameras are also available to someone with a password to a private camera.

Accessing the ACCESS Module

To reach the ACCESS module, you can log in to your account via the website and click “Login” to enter your credentials that have been given to you.

Once logged in, navigate to the ACCESS module by hovering over it in the menu bar.


Use this section to select which of your cameras you want to assign as your Group / Play area cameras. Cameras selected for Group Play areas can be accessible to multiple customers using the same password with no expiration date. Group Play area cameras will automatically be available to customers who have access to a Private Camera.

Select the checkbox to assign a camera as a Group / Play Area camera. All cameras in green have been selected. All other cameras will remain Private room cameras.

ACCESS Control

Use this section to assign passwords to your Private Room cameras and your Group / Play Area cameras. There are 3 sections that can be used for this purpose:

  • Private Camera Passwords – Assign a password and expiration date to a single Private Room camera.
  • MULTI Private Camera Passwords – Select multiple private rooms to assign the same password and expiration date. This can be used to save time when one customer has pets in multiple private rooms with cameras.
  • Group / Play Camera Passwords – One password is assigned for all the group cameras. Group / Play Area cameras have NO expiration date. If no password is assigned, the Group / Play Area cameras can be viewed without your customer entering in a password. The Group / Play Area camera password will not allow access to a Private camera.

Private Camera Passwords

  1. Click on the password box to enter in a new password.
  2. Click the expiration date box to assign a new date for the password to discontinue. The password will work until 11:59 PM on the date selected.
  3. Enter in an email address to send a direct camera link to your customer, along with the password to view it.
  4. “Send Email” will email the information to the address in Box C. If the “Include Group/Play Cameras” box is checked, the links for the Group/Play cameras will also be included.
  5. Click “Test” to open a camera viewer and test the password and expiration date. If present, make sure the “At Facility” box is checked when trying to view while at the facility location. When viewing remotely, deselect to test the viewer.

Multi- Private Camera Passwords

  • Select the rooms you want to have the same password by clicking the checkbox.
  • Enter in a password and an expiration date.
  • Click “Submit” to set the password and expiration date. The updated information will be reflected in the Private Camera Password table.
  • Send an email with the password information using the Private Camera Password table “Send Email” button and information box.

Group / Play Camera Passwords

  • Enter a password that will apply to ALL of the Group / Play Cameras.
  • Enter an email address if you want to email out the links and updated password for the Group / Play Area Cameras.
  • Click “Submit” to update the current password and email out the links. If no email address is present, no link information will be emailed.
  • Entering only an email address (no password) will send out the camera weblinks and the CURRENT password when you click “Email Only”.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you click submit with no password entered, the current password will be cleared. The cameras will become viewable without any password required.