iDogCam - Integrations

iDogCam Integrations

Seamless automation with industry leading ERP software.

How Integrations Benefit:

Turnkey Setup

We have created a simple and effective installation process that eliminates headaches from complicated setups.


Managing the cameras within the ERP software is efficient and streamlined for convenience.

Ease of Use

Having camera access, along with all other customer interaction within the same portal creates an effortless experience for your customers.

Added Security

Handshakes between the ERP software and the iDogCam API generates an added level of security for your cameras.


Adding additional cameras into your software is quick and easy.

Support Infrastructure

Having both iDogCam and the ERP support systems in place guarantees any problem will be handled quickly.

Current Integrations:


Gingr’s user-friendly dog daycare, kennel, and grooming software will modernize and streamline your pet-care business. With industry-leading performance and powerful features, Gingr works 24/7 to help pet-care professionals thrive.

gingr Support


PetExec is your always-on digital operations manager. We help pet professionals like you manage your unique business needs.

PetExec Support