iDogCam - Who We Are

Who We Are

Meet the iDogCam Team.

Count on Us

Our mission at iDogCam is to create the best camera solutions specifically designed for the pet care industry.

iDogCam was created to provide a cost effective, reliable, and straightforward camera solution to the pet care industry. Our team works everyday trying to improve and innovate solutions for our customers. iDogCam works directly with each facility to create the best experience for both them and their customers.

A Little About Us

Aron Garrison with children Ava and Ben.

Aron has been interested in technology since his first computer as a child in 1988. Growing up in Tempe AZ, Aron is a graduate from Arizona State University in 2003 with a B.A. in Broadcasting. Focusing on the technical side of the Broadcasting industry, Aron has worked for all major broadcast networks including ESPN, Fox, Turner, NBC, and most recently for the NFL Network. After twenty years of combined Broadcast Engineering experience and four Technical Team Engineering National Emmy Awards, Aron wanted to combine his technical skills with his love for animals. Co-founding Connectivity Networks Inc. in 2011, eventually leading the research and development of the iDogCam service into its present day. Aron now resides in Orange County CA with his daughter and son.

Phillip Cochran with wife Katie.

Ever since programming Tic Tac Toe on his family’s first TRS-80 computer Phillip knew he would work with technology in this life. After attending the University of Kentucky, he entered the workforce for the leading technology firm in the TV industry: Sports Media Technologies (SMT). Spending over 15 years as a Technical Production Manager with SMT he has earned 4 National Emmy Awards 2 as a Technical Supervisor and was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek. While working in the TV industry he met both Aron and Kevin and from that friendship Connectivity Networks and then iDogCam was born. Currently Phillip lives in Louisville, KY with his wonderful wife Katie, two children Abigail and Lucas and dog Ruby.

Kevin Hanson with son Cayd.

Growing up on a small farm in eastern Montana didn’t stop Kevin from yearning to work in entertainment. To help fulfill this dream, he graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S in Television and Film Production. Working in the industry since he was 19 years old, Kevin quickly rose through the ranks focusing primarily on cutting edge technology used in sports broadcasting. For 17 seasons, he worked the dream job as a “yellow line guy” who ran the electronic First and Ten line used on NFL and college football games. The same technology took him to several World Series, Olympics, Super Bowls, Indy 500s and All-Star Games. After earning 3 Technical Team Sports Emmys he decided to hone his skills in operations as the Global Operations Manager for Intel Sports followed by the Head of Production and Studio Operations for Intel Studios. After co-founding Connectivity Networks with Aron and Phil, Kevin looks forward to using his knowledge of operations and technology to scale iDogCam into a global brand and a company that pet lovers can trust.

Jack Jones with wife Cara and daughter Scarlett.
General Manager

Having a fascination with weather and wanting to know how and why it happened (and not being afraid of the spotlight) lead Jack to a path in television, starting his career off as a weekend meteorologist at KOMU-TV. Once there he realized that desire to learn the “how” and “why” of things allowed for him to become very skilled at the technical side of television. From there he spent over 20 years in the broadcast industry working live sporting events for all the major networks. He covered everything from high school game of the week to The Final Four, eventually working for SMT, a leader in technical innovations in sports broadcasting. During his time at SMT he won 2 National Emmy Awards for his efforts. More importantly he met Aron, Kevin, and Phil. They asked him to take his technical knowledge and desire to know the “how” and “why” of things to help grow the iDogCam family. He gladly came aboard. He now works from home in Franklin, TN, enjoying life with his wife Cara, daughter Scarlett, and dog Teller.

Happy Clients

What others say about iDogCam! Meet our happy customers.

Co-Owner - PetExec Inc.

Paula Mosteller

iDogCam to the rescue! Our savvy Packmate customers needed a high quality and integrated way to visually communicate with their customer base. The iDogCam team never disappoints. Whether the need is small or over 130 camera facility, I know that I can trust the expertise of the people at iDogCam. There is just no substitute for a great way to show your valuable pet parents what their pets are doing live. Security camera access is another critical service provided by iDogCam. I only recommend iDogCam for all the video camera needs of our client base!

Owner - Gracelane Kennels

Chris Gatti

I've been with iDogCam for over 9 years, and I really can't say enough about them and their amazing team. With their help, I started with a 12-camera system, and over time grew and expanded it to a 100-camera system. They are amazing at seeing what your individual needs are and helping you find what works best for you and evolving over time! I look forward to the future and highly recommend!

Regional Manager - The Dog Stop

Jane Marcus

The Dog Stop is a growing company, with 19 locations open now. As you can imagine, years of trying to DIY our own camera maintenance was incredibly challenging and we did not have the ability to service so many cameras at every location, so we decided to try iDogCam to handle our growing technological demands. We quickly found out that that was the correct decision. Even though we have a sometimes difficult work load, they have been prompt, approachable, and willing to help with any question asked of them. I cannot recommend their services enough. I genuinely do not know how we functioned before them.