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Former Owner - PetExec Inc.

Paula Mosteller

iDogCam to the rescue! Our savvy Packmate customers needed a high quality and integrated way to visually communicate with their customer base. The iDogCam team never disappoints. Whether the need is small or over 130 camera facility, I know that I can trust the expertise of the people at Idogcam. There is just no substitute for a great way to show your valuable pet parents what their pets are doing live. Security camera access is another critical service provided by iDogCam. I only recommend iDogCam for all the video camera needs of our client base!

Owner - Gracelane Kennels

Chris Gatti

I've been with iDogCam for over 9 years, and I really can't say enough about them and their amazing team. With their help, I started with a 12-camera system, and over time grew and expanded it to a 100-camera system. They are amazing at seeing what your individual needs are and helping you find what works best for you and evolving over time! I look forward to the future and highly recommend!

Owner - Pawville

Phil Miller

We continue growing with iDogCam because their service is stellar, their technology is advanced, and they help us create a seamless experience for our clients. We highly recommend!

Owner - The Confident Canine

Sharleen Mompalao

I opened my facility in 2019 and started to really research what camera system to go with - I wanted it to be simple to use and integrate with my current check in program. The staff at iDogCam really guided me through the process from installation to set-up to any trouble shooting along the way. The customer service is amazing - not something you find anymore.

Regional Manager - The Dog Stop

Jane Marcus

The Dog Stop is a growing company, with 19 locations open now. As you can imagine, years of trying to DIY our own camera maintenance was incredibly challenging and we did not have the ability to service so many cameras at every location, so we decided to try iDogCam to handle our growing technological demands. We quickly found out that that was the correct decision. Even though we have a sometimes difficult work load, they have been prompt, approachable, and willing to help with any question asked of them. I cannot recommend their services enough. I genuinely do not know how we functioned before them.

Owner - Purring Parrot

Maria Brinson

We have been with idogcam since 2012 and have been very happy with their cameras, service and professionalism ever since. I would highly recommend them to anyone. We were looking around for a cam company, they were the only ones that said yes, they would find us cams that had a night mode, since cats are most active at night. Our clients love the fact that they can log in 24/7 and see their kitties.

Former Owner - Ruff Housing Dog Daycare

Kimberly Vaughn

We recently switched over to iDogCam and have been very happy with the change. They made the switch very easy and did a great job with a complete install at a new location. The system works great both on our end as well as for our clients. The integration into Gingr was also a very nice feature!

Owner - Playful Pet Resort

Jason Williams

Playful Pet Resort has been using iDogCam since we opened our doors. I could go on and on about the quality of the camera system, ease of use and how much my pet parents love peeking in on their dogs. It is awesome, second only to the support we get from their staff. We are not terribly tech savvy and Aron did an amazing job helping us get the system setup at the facility, on the website and through our pet portal as well as troubleshooting any misconfigurations we made. In today's world, being able to reach out to the owners personally, rather than someone outsourced overseas is almost unheard of. These guys answer the phone and find solutions, not excuses. Could not be happier!

Owner - Miss Kitty's Dog Resort

Gina Wells

iDogCam has been our best kept secret! Their service has been top notch, and they've immediately investigated the few problems we've encountered over the years. In addition, the cameras and service have been so affordable and the camera quality so clear that we continue to add cameras for our clients to view their pets. They are top of the line and miles ahead of our former service at about 10% of the price. It is a huge selling point with our clients and a great advantage we have over our local competitors.

I have to add that the cameras do so much more than just allow clients to view their pets. We have about a dozen cameras available to the clients (currently adding more!) but 27 total. These allow us to monitor the pups and staff behind the scenes as well as the clients in the lobby and client/staff interactions. We have found many answers to questions that would otherwise gone unanswered. We have seen which pup actually started a disagreement, have seen employees breaking rules as well as performing unexpected acts of kindness, have seen workman's compensation injuries happen, viewed altercations between staff members, and resolved issues with angry clients who swore we lost something of theirs when the video shows them walking out the door with it in their hands. We even have video of a fire that started in the building and thanks to the cameras, we know where the fire originated. I cannot imagine running my business without them- they are a lifesaver for us and peace of mind for our pup parents!