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Drop off/Pick up times:
26245 Michigan Ave
Inkster, Mi.48141
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1-877-949-PETS (7387)

Monday - Sunday:
8:00AM - 8:00PM
Daycare drop-off begins at 7:15 AM
  • Pet Boarding (Most Animals)
  • All Breed Dog Grooming
  • Daycare For Dogs
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    In our Inkster location for 13 years and in Troy for three years, we are proud to be serving the second generation of pets for a significant number of our clients. We socialize dogs (and cats too) in groups with others of similar size and temperment for 7-9 outdoor play sessions every day. We don't do temperment testing instead choosing to assess each dog individually in order to find the best group of pups for him or her. There are some dogs who are not social and will never be but they still get the same personal attention and the same amount of outside play with our dedicated staff. We believe that after a hard 30-40 min play session, dogs need their downtime so they are refreshed for the next playtime. This reduces the stress levels that can increase with cageless boarding/daycare where the dogs have no place to go for downtime. Our clients love the fact that their pups are 'dog-tired' (but not so tired that they can't give us 'kisses') when they get picked up from a boarding stay or daycare.

    We do grooming for all dog breeds although we do not do stripping. We do not use any type of sedation. Our grooming includes a thorough comb, wash and blow-dry, cut, trim or shave per the owner's instructions, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.

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